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Business owners need to build great teams (aka Human Capital) to get to the next level but they must also allocate financial capital in areas that drive growth, not a bloated back-office that sucks cash from: sales, marketing, product development, and customer service.

That’s where Asure comes in.

They build great HCM software that’s delivered via the cloud on a subscription basis so it doesn’t require any IT overhead or a large capital purchase that consumes cash. And because they’re hyper focused on HCM for growth, clients can scale from start-up to 1,000+ employees on their platform without any expensive upgrades or painful migrations.

For companies that don’t want the risk and overhead of maintaining payroll and HR staff, Asure can also take the expense and compliance headache off their plates. Their certified HR professionals help build top-notch teams, stay compliant with HR laws, and eliminate the need to hire full-time back-office staff.

Their clients have their own mission — build a better product, figure out a better way, maybe even change the world. To do that, they must grow.

Asure helps businesses develop Human Capital to get to the next level, stay compliant, and allocate their time, money and technology toward growth.

Quinton Fasola


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What People are Saying

In the past 42 years I have received many good leads that have become good clients.  Many of them are still clients of the firm I am with today (This represented 50% of the clients that I merged into the new firm).  I have used many past and current members for a reliable source of good and reputable suppliers for both business and personal needs, including several members that helped me make profitable investments over the years.

Hal Grimshaw, Belden Hiramoto Liu & Co., LLP

I joined EAOC because Phil Kintz asked me. At the time the cost and early meeting time was a concern. The first six months of membership I received and extra $6000 in volume.

Gary Gregg, Creating With Glass

I have been a member for many years in several different classifications. EAOC has always provided me with a steady flow of leads. However the biggest benefit I’ve received has been “outside” of the core purpose of leads. A past member John Valentine, mentioned to me that he had heard about some industrial land for sale in Costa Mesa. I ended up buying it, building a warehouse and running my business at the time (South Coast Stationers) there for about thirty years. It was an excellent investment.

Pete Sloan,

A lead from Past member Bob Hardman eight years ago resulted in $15,000 of business. A lead from Mel Smith eight years ago resulted in $25,000 of business. Benefits of membership include direct business from other members resulting in $10,000 in business and direct business with other members that resulted in excellent service and financial savings.

Carlos Salazar, Salazar Associates

I have built my entire business on leads from the EAOC. I started my association management firm in 1981 with one client EAOC. In the last thirty four years the business has grown to fourteen associations. We employ eleven full time and one part time employee. I can trace ten of my long term clients to referrals from EAOC that brings in over $500,000 annually. The network of present and passed members has had a tremendous impact on my life.

Gayle Stewart, Gayle Stewart Enterprises

EAOC has been a reliable source of steady business for me for about thirty years. Thank You EAOC!

Pete Sloan

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